A Decade In My Mind

ISBN: 979-8-218-24051-6 A Decade In My Mind is a book of poems. These poems express a multitude of feelings that I had to deal with after being attacked by my daughter's father in 2001. A Decade In My Mind is for all the domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. Although each trauma is different, the fact that we must continue to live, still remains. I have spent time in the past contemplating death, yet I remained to tell one of my stories of survival. A Decade In My Mind catches the unstable mind of a victim. You are able to understand the trust issues we face after leaving the abuser. This has been one of the hardest things I've had to do. I am proud that I am at a point where I can speak out and help others through their healing. There is nothing sexy about being beaten on the streets in front of your children. Daily I pray that we will heal more and more each day. Although forgiveness is always the goal, it's hard. A Decade In My Mind describes the abuse we received as a family on the Westside of Chicago and how not one business along Western Avenue tried to help me as this man almost took my life.I am grateful to be here today and to be able to tell my story the best way possible. The effects of abuse changed my life forever. I pray that my story helps others achieve healing within themselves. I pray my story helps others speak up about their own experiences.