A Decade In My Mind

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ISBN: 979-8-218-24051-6 
A Decade In My Mind is a book of poems. These poems express a multitude of feelings that I had to deal with after being attacked by my daughter's father in 2001. A Decade In My Mind is for all the domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. Although each trauma is different, the fact that we must continue to live, still remains. I have spent time in the past contemplating death, yet I remained to tell one of my stories of survival. A Decade In My Mind catches the unstable mind of a victim. You are able to understand the trust issues we face after leaving the abuser. This has been one of the hardest things I've had to do. I am proud that I am at a point where I can speak out and help others through their healing. There is nothing sexy about being beaten on the streets in front of your children. Daily I pray that we will heal more and more each day. Although forgiveness is always the goal, it's hard. A Decade In My Mind describes the abuse we received as a family on the Westside of Chicago and how not one business along Western Avenue tried to help me as this man almost took my life. I am grateful to be here today and to be able to tell my story the best way possible. The effects of abuse changed my life forever. I pray that my story helps others achieve healing within themselves. I pray my story helps others speak up about their own experiences.
I’m a survivor. I’ve been through a multitude of ups and downs of living life. Mentally, physically, and spiritually: I’ve been abused.
I’m taking my life back. I won't ever be the victim again. This is my truth.  
You can walk away too!