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"Life begins with change." - Ms. J. Banks

Going concern...

A few of the biggest roadblocks plaguing the economy is a lack of communication, funding, education/training availability in communities where the majority is “People of Color” and access to resources are limited or nonexistent. There is definitely a disconnect when it comes to the access to emergency food, housing, job assistance services and government contracting. There exists an increase in the speed and number of deaths that occur to the families of “People of Color”. We have all now witnessed and can no longer ignore the horrific unjust treatment of “People of Color”. You must acknowledge it. We are not safe anywhere. This has got to “Change” if the goal is for a “United Society”. Follow up and mediation services aren’t being monitored nor are they being funded. Organizations aren’t being held accountable for their decisions regarding disbursement of services/products. Immediate need services are inaccessible or none existent in communities of “People of Color”. Community revitalization efforts should be funded by the Federal Government, not local tax money. Most small “People of Color” communities, especially rural areas do not allocate enough tax money to influence the effort to diversify and be included in larger communities’ efforts. Without diversifying the resolution, there will be no end to racism, inequality and injustice for “People of Color”.

Inclusion Strategy...

Diversity and Inclusion should not be something we have to think of. Many of us do not. Yet, for some strange reason there are more businesses, closed or bankrupt or divided based on the decision to not hire, work with or help “People of Color”. More than likely, this decision cost them their livelihood. If any one of you would like to make the same mistakes, then please cease from reading.

The reason no one is getting it right is because the meaning is distorted. 

“Diversity’ does not exist without “Inclusion”. Which is adding.


In real life…


Diversity is not something you can do. Diversity is the result of something you did.


Let’s begin…


When we set a goal, we must also plan, brainstorm, develop a strategy and begin implementation of the process to achievement. The “Process”, well that’s another topic. As of this day there are numerous number of legislation that exist to increase efforts at diversifying and including “People of Color” in the contracting sector. Regardless of the industry, “People of Color” have been neglected. Logically you would think this is a no brainer. Actually, this is the hardest part.



Identifying all cultures common interest in activities of daily living. Identify variables between cultures. For each variable, identify if it is sustainable or innovative. If it is essential to sustaining life then it is necessary. If it is innovative then it is evolution. We all have learned the basics of evolution when we were in elementary school, hopefully.  This will create “Change.” So be prepared.



Gather information that indicates the necessities for each culture. Compare the necessities and identify the differences. Provide options to include all differences in the sustainment of the economy providing equality of profit and loss. Provide options to include all necessities and differences into legislation.




I was in high school when I found out that I wasn’t the only person that ran before walking. I thought I was special. I ran track and played basketball for most of my adolescent years. Then one day in my Health Occupations class, I found out 13 other students ran first. This was a conversation I had never had before. I was introduced to the medical field, the outdoors and other professional occupations. As a result, I have been in the healthcare field for over 20 years. By the time I was 25 I had managed 4 residential care facilities. Supervised 1 assisted living facility, worked as a nurse tech in geriatric, adult and adolescent psych. To this day I am thankful for that life changing class. Now, imagine how effective it would be to give this opportunity to all students and starting in elementary. While having access to all industries.

If you have a memory of your childhood and you were born in the fall of “79” then your school system was completely different compared to this generation. Although we are happy to advance in technology, the focus seem to have shifted from education. The dynamics have changed. The current agenda has sparked interest of many. Yet, there are not enough efforts to reach everyone. But, if it is introduced as early as the brain would allow, the success rate of each individual would increase a significant amount. This would allow them to be more productive and increase vigor. Creating a sustainable environment, developing a research, training and experience based education, provide opportunity, be included in the disbursement of benefits, re-establish, demand and uphold the complete justice system to ensure equality and accountability are the identified key metrics that has to be changed immediately in order to live within the same continent in peace and equality.



How hard is it to say yes? Okay. This begins with each person vowing to do better. Then actually doing better. Holding themselves accountable as well as others. Determined to get training and teach others effective processes. The great part is, everyone has a unique way of solving everyday problems. How many times have you seen some mouth watering food item, jaw dropping architecture, unbelievable tech and just plain and simple home remedies? I can honestly say over a 100. And still wish I could meet and/or work with some of these amazing people. I believe its up to the head of each state to call out our government for the losses of our people. Take this to the white house. Tell them you will not accept this anymore. Stop decreasing and limiting states potential for growth and financial independence. We are talking about really, whole heartedly meeting with all head of state and coming to a agreement to create change.

2020 has been hell on earth. But it doesn’t have to end that way. We are not trusting empty promises anymore. We demand change immediately. Just as quick as the government can send bailout checks to big businesses, they can allow states to generate wealth. States should not have to compromise the health of it’s residents, education of it’s children, lack of resources to innovative technology and the right to sustainable living conditions. These individuals were chosen by the people even “People of Color”. If you can accept, need and want our vote, then you can accept, appreciate and respect “People of Color” period.


Inclusion Solution

Inclusion is the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.




This “Inclusion = Diversity Initiative” is an ethical economic response to the past attempts, present situation and future sustainability of our food, communities, technology, education, healthcare and government for “People of Color”. We do not have any choice but to acknowledge a “Change” must take place. Although we work with all sorts of businesses, In Real Life Enterprises is taking the lead in becoming a “Pro-People of Color" business which aggressively diversifies each industry with honest, trustworthy, efficient and unprecedented consulting, products and services from “People of Color”.

We are dedicated to lead the initiative by including all abled body individuals willing and ready to work with resources/opportunities to employment. We are dedicated to lead the initiative by training and/or providing assistance and resources to every abled body individual willing and ready to learn. We are dedicated to identifying resources and/or creating affordable opportunities for housing, obtaining real estate and developing sustainable communities for “People of Color". We are dedicated to lead the initiative by providing and/or aggressively seeking equality for “People of Color”.


Inclusion is not just about getting a raise, a job title or a new house. Inclusion is a way of “Life” and it should be normal, but it is not. Inclusion is about deciding to make affordable the same opportunities to all individuals qualified, certified and experienced to do a job, have a family or simply just living “Life”.  Equality. Security. Justice. Inclusion begins at birth through our healthcare system. Inclusion begins with the quantity, type and quality of food available. Inclusion begins with guaranteeing our communities are protected, efficient and economically sustainable. Inclusion begins with teaching, mentoring, and training all individuals with the same standards. Inclusion means expanding the innovation bubble and accepting technology from all inventors. Inclusion, includes security knowing the government demands equal treatment of “people of color” and immediate justice to those who commit crimes against “people of color”.


The solution is simple…. Diversify the workload. Include “People of Color" in the opportunity. Diversify and include “People of Color” in the benefits.

We appreciate you taking the first step in accomplishing your “Diversity and Inclusion” efforts.


Ms. J. Banks
Owner / Chief Business Consultant

In Real Life Enterprises



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Reports and evaluation of “Diversity and Inclusion” efforts and outcomes should be monitored, discussed and addressed annually. This is just another example of how the government can create change within their authority to guarantee that equality is attained for “People of Color”. - Ms. J. Banks