Relocation and Planning

The Relocation and Planning Department is responsible for the orderly assessment and strategic planning to address present and future facilities needs while providing a feasibility analysis, project programming, and concept development on capital project initiatives.


The major goals of our unit are:

  • Conducting studies of the physical needs of the business
  • Coordination of the planning and programming processes for physical facilities,
  • Determining present/future facility needs of the various business departments,
  • Assembling requests and analyzing plans for the expansion of facilities.
  • Evaluates changes which affect the exterior appearance of the location.
  • Managing the preparation and execution of professional services contracts.
  • Interfacing with local agencies to coordinate business and city planning.
  • Performing analysis and allocation of available space within commercial buildings.

We build to current building codes and regulations while providing substantial savings to the client and maintaining a high degree of craftsmanship. With integrity as our guide, In Real Life Enterprises strives to continue a tradition of quality workmanship in a professional environment.