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Do you have a Passion for helping people? 

Are you open to new challenges that will enable you to grow?

Do you truly desire to become Financially Independent?

Are you sick & tired of working for somebody else only to feel like you are still falling short of your own Financial Goals?


Hello, I’m Jannett. As Chief Business Consultant of In Real Life Enterprises, I am dedicated to sharing Free Financial Strategies with you. We are dedicated to Professional Ethics and Financial Freedom. I come from a long line of military personnel. We are dedicated from birth to work harder and do better than our counterparts. I have 20+ years in Healthcare and 20+ years in Management. I enjoy working with families and individuals, helping them achieve their goals and obtain the Financial Freedom they deserve. I am glad to be able to give my clients the push and motivation towards a better future. 

The job market which once was a safe bet is now considered to be the new risky... meaning there is no security out there anymore. So, I decided to find a way to create my own TIME and FINANCIAL Freedom utilizing the skills that I learned throughout my healthcare and management career. I found the answers I was seeking in a Business environment. Becoming a Business owner has allowed me to use my career & life experience to get where I deserve to be in the economy.   

We've found the traits listed below are what makes a Business thrive: 









  We work in the Financial Services industry where We help people overcome one of the biggest fears and obstacles of their lives...MONEY PROBLEMS.

What We Do: 

We teach people how money works by helping them create a step-by-step plan to help them reach their Financial Goals. We show people how to get out debtplan for retirementtax-free investment strategiesprotect their assets, and overall provide people an opportunity to achieve PEACE OF MIND Financially. 

We are currently building a Team of Motivated and Hungry People. People that are tired of just getting by, people that want to be happy in their lives making a difference for other people. People that are not afraid of "Hard Work" and don't buy into the entitlement mentality. 

We have found in our experience that the best Business Associates possess these traits and mindset are PEOPLE WHO ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT SERVING OTHERS. 

We are looking for people that are ready to sacrifice the person they are now for the person they can become. 

Most people play the game of life not to lose, instead of PLAYING TO WIN! 

If this sounds like you, please inquire within, make the phone call, and change your life for the better. The income potential is unlimited, and it doesn't take a genius to learn this. The experience is priceless.

Contact us between the hours of 24/7. No later. No earlier. (877)807-7477 We are passionate about making a difference, and we hope you are too. Call, text, or email us for a prospective interview.

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