"Elegance Speaks." when Ms. J. Banks talk, everyone listens.

My journey began from the time I was born. People do not believe the change that takes place. Natural because we are from the earth and unto the earth we will go. The only thing left will be the mind in motion of the spirit. On my journey, the spirit is of my Creator. I seek no approval. I believe that, in order to understand who we are, we must understand the Laws given to Us, all. I believe it is our responsibility to "Live" the law all the days of our lives, in order to be "Set Apart/ Chosen". Only then, can we achieve our true reason of eternal freedom. I believe it is our duty to "Teach" the law.... by any means necessary, under the law. Without this, our existence is useless. I am still learning. I will be, until the event of my demise. I strive every day to achieve greatness. To always be better than before. I am dedicated to teach, all the days of my life.
Identifying self.
To gain insight.

To recognize potential in self.

To Live a "Life" determined by self.

Achieve discipline to "Sustain" self.

Understand self.

Accept self.

Living a life determined by Free Will.

Accountability of Self.

Apply knowledge.


"Life begins with change. "- Ms. J. Banks

Ms. J Banks is a "Speaker to the soul", that will get you up out of your seat!

Don't just look around, ask yourself???

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