Facilitations and Negotiations

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Our facilitators will perform all the necessary pre-negotiation work and engage with all interest groups to design and convene a highly effective meeting. We will also facilitate the negotiation to ensure that it remains productive and efficient at all times.

By utilizing the services of our negotiation facilitators, the chances of reaching optimal, innovative, and sustainable agreements that meet the needs of all interest groups will be dramatically improved. Our specialists will consult with, advise, support, and coach your account management, business development, sales, procurement, legal, contracting, and sourcing teams. They will guide your teams through diligent preparation, carefully devised strategy, orchestrated process, and creative thinking. This will result in superior and sustainable outcomes, while generating value and building strong relationships. Resolve disputes between workers and managers, negotiate collective bargaining agreements and coordinate grievance procedures to handle employee complaints. Facilitate negotiation and conflict resolution through dialogue. Resolve conflicts outside of the court system by mutual consent of parties involved.

All clients are required to pay a $7,000 retainer fee that is nonrefundable. A new $7,000 retainer fee is required to be paid for each new facilitation and/or negotiation occurrence.