Consulting and Services

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In Real Life Enterprises is dedicated to ethical consulting practices and provides professional, independent business services to satisfy your business needs. IRLE is the leader of "Business Managed Services, Diversity, Training and Development, Human Resources and Sustainability Consulting and Services". We not only provide consulting and services, but we also partner with other Independent Contractors to get the job done.

What We Do.

More than just a fly on the wall.


Let's discuss new strategies and or changes to increase the flow and production of your business.


Do you have a book, poems or essay that need proof-reading and editing services?

We offer ghost writing, content/description writing, proofreading and editing services.


Do you need assistance with putting together a contract or proposal?

We offer contract writing, grant writing and proposal writing.


We would like to work with you. Our "Development and Training " is top of the line. We work with artist to develop other outlets to get your art to the next level. We want to be a part of your style. Whether it's music, spoken word, paintings, drawings or photography we want to be involved. We offer comprehensive market strategies to bring you clients, not just fans.


How about businesses????


Do you need management services?
We offer "Managed" consulting and services. With 24 years of healthcare experience, we have developed a "Compliance and Regulation" driven facility management program for Independent Living and Residential Care Facilities.

Our management department is trained and able to lead, motivate and excel any department or office within your company.


Are you a Veteran business owner? Contact us to find out how you can receive multiple discounts for services.


***Set an appointment and we will gladly come by your office, or we can meet for lunch. So, send us an email or give us a ring.


We offer:
Business Management Consulting & Services
 - Financial Strategies and Services

-Managed Services

 - Inclusion = Diversity 

Business Development and Training Consulting & Services

- Business Plan Class

- Finding Your Market Class
-Executive and Personal Development Strategy and Training

-Website Design

-Writing Services

-Website Maintenance
-Relocation and Expansion
-Motivational Speaking
-Public Speaking Lessons


Human Resource Consulting & Services

-Benefits and Compensation

-Compliance and Regulation
-Document Preparation

-Government Contracting Partnership Opportunities

-State/ Federal Certification Application Assistance


*** Volunteers Needed ***


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